Working from home or …… (Anywhere??)

Work from homeLast weekend I had a revelation. My husband and I were busy launching our new Motorhome hire business (entirely different to our accountancy practice).

We had just taken delivery of Beni, our number 1 Motorhome and we needed to really get to know it, understand how everything worked and generally “try it out” before renting it to paying clients. The problem was that I was so busy with my “day job” running Lilley and Co that we set off with laptops in tow intending to get as much work as possible done whilst we were away.

The first day we stopped off at Three Rivers Camp-site on the Norfolk broads. ( It is one of the most idyllic spots I’ve ever been to and we set up within toe dipping distance of the water.  I diligently got my laptop out and started to catch up with emails.  Before long, I found myself properly relaxing for the first time in a while.  And then the most surprising thing happened.  In the next couple of hours I did probably the most creative, idea generating, exciting work I have ever done. Ideas flowed and without any distraction I felt truly motivated and alive again. Several ideas that I had put on the back burner suddenly had clarity and even an action plan to get started.  There are so many exciting things ahead for Lilley and Co I can barely stop myself going into details here.

Watching the gorgeous swans glide up and down the river put me into this serene state of creativity that as an accountant I thought I was incapable of.

So, what did I learn from this? Firstly, the importance of taking some time out of the business doing “deep work” is essential to every business owner.  If you don’t know what deep work is then I highly recommend the book by Cal Newport or sign up to my good friend Serena Humphrey’s F word academy to learn more. (

I then had the greatest revelation so far – in the new “working from home” norm I actually don’t need to be sat in my desk in my office at all. And neither does anyone else.

If you can’t get time off work but need a break, a few days away in a motorhome is the ideal solution.  You can work during the day and then enjoy long walks in the countryside, discover a country pub, even do a spot of kayaking (we did that too) and generally have fun when the work stops.

We came home with all of the work required to launch our motorhome business done, phenomenal ideas for the future for both businesses and a real clarity that put the uncertainties of Covid in their place.

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