New Tech Check Service

Jul 27, 2023 | News

Do you have the right tech solutions for your Finance team?

Our Tech Check Service will review your whole finance process and recommend the most efficient solution that is unique to your business.


Here’s a bit about our favourite apps right now:

Dext can save many hours a month by automatically capturing receipts and invoices and pushing them into Xero where you can look on screen at the invoice forever.

Approval Max is great for larger companies who need an invoice approval process.

Xero or Quickbooks are cloud accounting solutions  – If you are a forward thinking company still on old style Desktop accounting software now may be the time to upgrade.

Telleroo is fabulous for companies needing a payment solution without needing a costly BACS licence – it is so simple to use and can make thousands of payments in a matter of seconds, all with bullet proof authorisation processes. It then neatly marks everything as paid in Xero and reconciles it all off – so simple.

Chaser  and Know it are new ones we are introducing to automatically chase debts due. Know it also does credit checking for your entire customer base.

As a practice we use these amazing apps to deliver the best service for our clients:

Fathom is simply the best management reporting software we have ever found. Insightful, meaningful reports can really prompt a discussion with our clients about how they can improve profitability, cashflow and focus on the KPI’s that really matter to them.

TheGapHQ – helps to structure business advisory and create a framework for excellence.

Pixie is our practice manager software – it makes sure we complete all of our tasks and don’t miss any deadlines.

Xama is our AML software, ensuring we are compliant and making sure our customer due diligence is all up to date.

Harvest is our time tracking software helping us manage jobs, projects and reporting on profitability for each task.

Tech is moving at a phenomenal pace and we are looking at new solutions all the time, Chatgpt is my new toy and it will be interesting to see how it develops in the future.


If your finance team is still drowning in paper then talk to us – we may just be able to save time, money and the sanity of your finance team.


To find out more simply give us a call on 0116 365 5579 or email

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